Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Gratefulness Project

I've been meaning to write an update for awhile but it's been difficult to find the right combination of words and time. When I am nowhere near a computer, the words just pop in my head and I hear myself saying what I want to share with you. And other times, I have come to this site and it feels as if the words are hiding under the covers and refuse to wake up from their nap.

But there is something I have been wanting to share (or more correctly, re-share) so I am here hoping the words do justice to the intention. As I have mentioned previously, I have been working on being more grateful and in incorporating gratefulness more fully into my life. I recently recruited my family in this endeavor and we now share daily emails which list our gratitudes for the day.

I absolutely love it. Not only does it give me a way of keeping in touch with my very favorite people, but it also gives me-- it makes me-- take time to really reflect on my own life and it's many gifts. I am so very lucky and so richly blessed. I want and need to take more time to honor the bits and pieces of my Day and my Self that makeup my life-- my "scraps of magic".

When I started sharing my gratitudes with a friend, I found it hard to think of something new every day. And on the days when I was in a bad mood, I found it difficult to share much of anything at all. Now, I find myself sharing paragraphs. I'm not just grateful for my bed, but I am grateful for how soft it is and for my new pillow and for the way it can feel cool when I get in and for the blankets that keep me warm on these chilly nights. I am grateful for the rest it gives me so that I can wake up refreshed the next morning for more Christi runs and chats in the car with Sara and mom and for a productive day at work. I've found myself acknowledging moments of gratitude to myself throughout the day as well. I am grateful for how my heart feels after a good run, for the chilly fall air on my face as I walk outside, for sound of my shoes as they hit the pavement, for the way water refreshes me when I am thirsty, for the sky and the way it makes my soul happy. Gratitude is incredibly humbling. Because I know that I did nothing to deserve any of this-- my comfortable home, good job, access to clean water, amazing family and friends. I can only be grateful for these blessings and take moments (however brief) to honor them.

And for someone who has struggled for several years with bouts of depression, I can say without hesitation that this gratitude project has given so much more in happiness. My glass is full. So very full.

Here's my gratitude list for today.

1. My mom and Sara for a great car conversation this morning and an awesome new song to listen to.

2. My job because it gives me an opportunity to contribute to the field of education in some capacity. And, I love the families I work with.

3. Sweet potatoes & broccoli rabe. I adore them. They are incredibly tasty AND so good for you!!

What's on yours?