Monday, October 12, 2009

Carrying Christi

"I carry you with me into the world, into the smell of rain & the words that dance between people & for me, it will always be this way, walking in the light, remembering being alive together" ~Storypeople

The quote above was my motto for this year's Christi Run. They were the words that I repeated to myself over and over and over again as I ran. They were the words that kept me going. And, on the handful of times that I wanted to slow down and take a break, I would say them under my breath and run on. They were my constant reminder that I wasn't running for myself on Sunday. I was running for Christi. For her family and for her friends and for all of the children that, like Christi, have stared cancer in the face and fought like hell to the end. I really do love running and I run as often as I can because I love it. But once a year, on my Christi Run, I don't run for me.

I felt that I really was carrying a piece of Christi with me over 6.5 miles. And, I also knew that I was, in fact, not running alone. Christi was by my side. She was with me as I ran over the hills, and felt the crisp fall breeze and admired the beautiful trees. She was there. And it really did make all the difference.

Thank you to all of you who donated, to all of you who sent messages of encouragement, to all of you who believed I could do it. You’re the best.

Love & Hugs.


the Thomas team said...

You are simply amazing! THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Not only are you have a remarkable spirit. There is a new Olivia in that spirit lately...happy, more confident...even on our early morning rides! So very proud of YOU!!!