Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday, Manny

Here's to...
listening to crickets at dusk,
big wet kisses & warm bear hugs,
a stuffed monkey named James,
banana milkshakes,
chocolate cake with vanilla frosting,
rolling a 1 every time it's your turn at Clue,
BonJovi's "Always" & Mariah Carey's "Hero",
playing basketball in the backyard after school,
hearing footsteps in the attic late at night,
running out of chocolate covered "critters",
finding the best Christmas tree,
breaking a plate as you set the table,
a mouth full of foamy toothpaste,
decorating the Halloween pumpkin,
walking back from the bus stop,
leaving cookies in the oven for two days,
bandanas & baseball caps,
an old closet door that means something,
simply coming home.
Here's to Manny.

Written by me (~2004)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. I spent most of today wondering what he would have been like at 30 and now I read this and remember how awesome life was when he was here with us. I love ya lots:) Thanks again for reminding me of all the beautiful things

Anonymous said...

So touchingly beautiful....really the only thing Manny was afraid of you have disspelled with your words. He wanted to mean something, for his life to mean something. And it your words, your work, Ana's work, all of his sisters' and family's love and memories are a testimonial to his life and how very meaningful it was.