Sunday, November 23, 2008

Advice Needed

It has come increasingly to my attention that I have a problem. This observation is not a new one, I know but I feel compelled to share it in the hopes that someone can shed light on a solution.

I'm addicted to books. Seriously.

Yesterday, I was waiting to meet up with my cousin to go to dinner and (as is my norm), I spent the 20 minutes I had to kill in Barnes and Nobles. AND, as is also my norm, I left with a new book in my bag. 20 minutes. TWENTY MINUTES.

I'm at a loss. This happens every single time. I was once only running into a B&N I happened to be passing to ask a question and grabbed an interesting looking book on my way to the Customer's Service counter. I kid you not.

Any advice provided will be greatly appreciated. My bookcase has absolutely no room left. Not to mention that fact that as a non-profit worker, my bank account cannot support this addiction.

To prove my point. I include the picture below. I'm the 4 year old smiling like it's Christmas because it's time to go to school...

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