Monday, July 20, 2009

A little list.

I feel compelled to write tonight mostly because I haven't written in a while and not necessarily because I have very much to say. Work has been busy but good. There are some rough moments but I am getting through them. We're nearly at halfway point with the summer program, so that's exciting. Time flies when there never seems to be enough of it, it seems.

I tend to like to list things these days, so I'll do that now. I don't have much to say really, but I'll list some happy things.

1. The weather. It's been nice. (Knock on wood), we've escaped the horrible humidity NY is known for in the summer. At least for now. I've really enjoyed spending time outside reading, being with family and just enjoying the nice weather.

2. I'm doing things. Outside of work. Little things that make me happy. I'm relaxing, I'm reading, I'm shopping, I'm spending time with friends and just not letting unnecessary stress get to me. It's been good. I'm slowly learning the art of real self care. The only trick is not to let it slide into self indulgence and self centered-ness. It's a fine balance.

3. I'm running again. After many months of on and off again injuries and illnesses, I am running and it's been really great. I don't think I'll be doing another half-marathon any time soon, but I'm getting on that treadmill most mornings and going out for some great runs outside on the weekend. I really love running.

4. I'm being. For the most part, I've been happy this summer. Not for any particular reason really, but I am laughing a lot and crying very little. It's been nice.

5. I'm noticing the sky more. I love the sky. It makes me happy. It reminds me of Manny. I've been remembering him a lot lately.

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Anonymous said...

My list:

#1 Seeing Olivia smile and be happy. You seem so at peace with yourself! ...Life can be truly wonderful, even when you're not doing anything special.