Sunday, January 30, 2011

31 Day Photo Project

I am doing this little photo project with my great friend Jennifer.

Day #1: A picture of yourself with 10 facts.

1. I spoke Spanish before I spoke English.

2. I believe Dora band aids cure an injury more quickly than the regular kind.

3. My favorite way to start the day is with a Christi run. Even if it is at 4:30am.

4. I think songs are listened to best LOUDLY and I love singing along.

5. I read Pride & Prejudice at least once a year-- usually around the holidays.

6. I lived in Northern Ireland for a year. My favorite city is Belfast.

7. I love cleaning the kitchen. It's a form of therapy for me.

8. Apparently, I love crime shows.

9. I am the only left-handed person in my family.

10. I've always been a tad OCD. When I was in kindergarten, I wouldn't start my homework until my name was written "nicely".

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