Friday, March 18, 2011

About my love of the Green

I suppose this would have been a good post for yesterday with it being St. Patrick's and so many of my friends wishing my Irish soul a "Happy St. Patrick's Day" and all, but since what I am going to share occurred this morning, it was impossible.

As many of you know (mostly because I still talk about it), I took an Irish politics class in college. And I. Loved. It. And I do mean loved. I probably a little excessive and obsessive with the class, but I honestly didn't care. It's the class that first introduced (and later got) me to Belfast-- what's there not to love??

What makes me bring up the Irish politics class on the day after St. Patrick's Day? Well, on my morning walk to work, for reasons unknown to me, I started thinking about it. Meredith and Katie, if you're reading this, it was almost like one of our study sessions, where we would start with any topic and manage to link it to every other topic we wanted to review: 1949--> Republic --> FG and CnP coalition --> Civil War --> Anti vs. Pro Treaty --> Collins vs. Dev -->FF --> Constitution of 1937 --> Amendments --> Referenda --> Issues of divorce and abortion --> Role of the Catholic Church --> NI --> Good Friday Agreement vs.AIA vs. Sunningdale--> loyalist vs. unionist vs. republican vs. nationalist. And once you have the main points, you get to add in all of the details! The game can be endless, really.

I am not sure there is much of a point to this post other than to share my love of Irish politics with you. This week's picture is of some books in the Dartmouth stacks. When I went back for my mini-reunion with Peter, Alexia and Zeke in February 2010, I paid a special visit to my favorite part of the library. The visit would have been incomplete without it, really.

And now that I have shared just how very much of a total nerd I am, I'll leave you now. What was your favorite college class?


Mom said...

I love this Olivia post!!! Its so YOU!!!! ( and definitely nerdy- but so full of LOVE for learning!!!)

Anonymous said...

Ha! You need to come to Dublin and then we can talk politics - I lecture it now!