Sunday, July 3, 2011

30 Day Challenges

I actually got this link from my friend, Vickie. I think it sums up well my reasons for the 30 Day No Sugar Challenge.

(Let's just hope that my day 31 is not quite like his!)

For a brief update on my no sugar progress-- it's been over a week now and I am doing well. I, once again, turned down some delicious sweets at a family function and didn't feel bad about it at all! I have to admit that yesterday I had a huge craving for some peanut butter and chocolate but I resisted. I will have all natural sweets again at some point-- things baked with honey, fruit, etc-- but not for now. I can honestly say that I don't really miss it at all. It actually feels great to think that I don't miss it and to know that I don't really need it like I was once convinced I did. I am proud of my progress. And, am considering other 30 day challenges in the future. (The photo a day sounds like fun!)

I will admit that did I have some ribs with BBQ sauce though. It may seem like nothing, but BBQ sauce has corn syrup in it (read SUGAR) so while I am doing well on the sweets front, I need to be more mindful about ingredients in ALL foods I eat. It's amazing how sugar is really in so many things!

If you are reading this-- what would your 30 day challenge look like?


Vickie said...

I'm pretty sure your day 31 will be much different then his, and I am glad you have been faithful. It is so difficult to make changes, but committing to something everyday for a month really does set you on the right path.

Good luck and keep up the good work. I can hardly wait to hear what others are trying. I am reading at least one poem a day. I have never had a particularly good understanding of that genre and I am trying to give it a second chance.


Vickie said...

Funny. I checked your blog before I checked mine this morning (you came across on my feed). I do read French (barely) and thank you for your contribution to my betterment!


Mom said...

Truly impressed by your progress and WILLPOWER!!! I could not have skipped dessert last night nor that ice-cream today :)
You are ONE strong woman!!

Anonymous said...

well, i have been reading:) good for you! i am sooo glad you are doing well. and i think you can finish it out too and go beyond 30 days:) i have to admit, i don't know if i could do it (especially once christmas, etc comes around) you are better at this than me