Saturday, June 6, 2009

where i've been.

so, i haven't been the best at posting lately. not sure if anyone noticed, but i have. things have been a bit hectic and i just haven't had time to keep up with things other than work lately...and even that, i'm not sure i am doing such a good job at! :p

so  we're in june now. wow. time flies by and i feel like i should have so much to report since my last post. the no chocolate thing isn't going as well as i'd planned but i am trying! work is taking up a lot of my time at the moment. (another reason giving up chocolate has been hard.) working 9-7 is really not all that fun. we're heading into our busiest time. yeah. summer. everyone's always so excited about it and it's the time of year i'm the busiest. awesome. jennifer has been keeping me sane with tests and IMs. she's the best.       

i have recently started getting up at 4:30am. weird, i know but by getting up at that hour, i can get my workout in and then read/listen to the news before having to get on the road to work at 7:15am (my commute is 1.5 hours). so lately, i've been able to start out most mornings with a good run (on the treadmill) and then my needed dose of BBC News, Television Espanola (Spanish news station) and El Pais (Spanish newspaper). it's crazy, i understand this, but it makes me happy so i don't mind. i love starting my day off that way. i've also been  reading a lot lately. i recently finished this republic of suffering which discusses death and the american civil war. it was a fascinating read. did you know that it was after the civil war and the unprecedented death toll that the national cemetery system was started? currently, i've started reading dreams and shadows: the future of the middle east. as you may guess from the title, it discusses politics in the middle east. i think it's super interesting. but, that said, i'm also a super nerd. 

today, i spent the day thoroughly cleaning my room. (i moved furniture, people.) and doing nothing.  i'm onto my last step now which is going through a whole bunch of cds i found and seeing if i want to add music to my ipod. most of the cds have no label (homemade mixes) so it's been interesting to see what i was listening to 5 years ago. 

that's all on my end for now. i hope you're all having an amazing weekend!

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Jennifer Lehmann said...

If it weren't for you being bogged down with work right now and thus spending your life on AIM I don't think I would have the little bit of sanity I have left. Thank you. My best friend hasn't even called.

Also - I found old mix CDs recently and put them in my car. When T and I drove down to see E I told him to pick one. It wasn't even labeled and when I put it in what was it? A booty mix!