Monday, April 5, 2010

There are no words for this.

This isn't going to be a happy post today. I can't apologize for that. My friend, Ylaria, has been given 2 months to live and I have to be honest, the news has broken me a little. Not completely, but enough.

I am not new to the cancer world. I am not naive to the statistics. I knew she wasn't doing well, but when I heard the news today, I fell apart. Completely. After a good cry, I picked myself back up, but it's been hard. I've been trying to sleep and I can't. So I'm writing. I can't promise this will make sense, but writing helps. So, here I am.

I'm not even sure what to write about.

What can I say?

There's nothing to say.

I could try to tell you what Ylaria means to me. She's my sunshine, my little best friend, my Dora band aid buddy. You can't put a person into words and do them justice. Ylaria is so many things. Words don't exist for all that she is. All that she means to me. Can you picture a world without sunshine? I can't. And today, someone told me a piece of light would be leaving soon.

So, I'm a little broken. A little lost. But, I am hanging on. Because tomorrow I'm going to visit Ylaria and even though she can no longer walk, she has life like few I know. She'll bring the giggles and I'll bring the band aids. The darkness won't be here very long. Ylaria is the sunshine, after all.

I love you,

PS- Please leave a message of support for Ylaria and her family, if you can. They could use the love.

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Anonymous said...

Know that I love you and will be praying for all of if you need to talk... you can wake me up even. I love you LOTS!!