Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day #2: Sugar-Free Update

Today was a good day! I ran 4 miles (on the treadmill). It was rough, I have sort of slipped up on the running as of late, and not running regularly really makes getting back in that routine challenging to say the least. I am looking forward to another run tomorrow. Weather permitting, I'll run outside. We'll see. I didn't have sugar today. Ate a peach for a sweet. It's only day #2, so I am not surprised that it's been relatively easy.

We have a family BBQ tomorrow! I am so excited. I love my family time and BBQs are awesome-- especially since I'll get to eat some tasty sardines, salad, and lots of other goodies. And I know we'll be laughing a ton throughout. Everyone should get to enjoy a Nunez family BBQ at least once. I am fortunate enough to get loads of them.

I hope you're having an amazing weekend!

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