Monday, September 19, 2011


A little girl died. Five years ago today. Her name was Christi. She was 9. Christi was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when she was five and bravely fought the disease for 4 years.

Christi was an exceptional soul. There is so much we could all (still) learn from her.

Christi loved her family. Her mom, dad, and little sister were her favorite people in the entire world. Jennifer L, Traci W., were also very high on that list. Today, please keep them in your thoughts and your prayers.  

Christi loved to go to school. She had taught herself to read and could do simple multiplication by the time she was 4. She was beyond brilliant.  Today, when you pass a school, see school supplies, or enter a bookstore, remember Christi and her love of learning. If you can, donate school supplies to children less fortunate in Christi’s honor. She would love that.

Christi loved animals. She dreamed of being a vet when she was older. When she was in Philadelphia for treatment, Christi loved to see the animals that would come to the Ronald McDonald through the Vet’s Pet program. If you happen to see an animal today (in particular a cat), remember Christi and her love of animals.

Christi loved helping others. She held numerous Alex’s Lemonade Stands to raise money for childhood cancer. She would often bring gifts to the other children in the hospital, or read to a younger child as they were waiting for treatment. The Christi Thomas Memorial Fund ( and Kids Cancer Crusade ( were two organizations established to honor Christi and to share her spirit with others. Today, if you can, donate to a cause in Christi’s memory. Through their work, we keep Christi’s spirit alive and her name resounding in the world. 

Christi is so loved and so missed. Today, as you hug your sister, call your mom, cuddle with your pet, read your favorite book, learn something new, help a stranger, or make a friend smile, remember Christi. She is alive in everyone and everything she loved.

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