Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy News

My cousin wanted me to post something "happy" today. So here is some happy case you're needing some.

1. According to the weather channel, it's going to be 66F on Friday. I can't wait. I love fall. It's my very favorite season. Bring on the warm apple cider.

2. Kids Cancer Crusade is making some hoodies! AMAZING!!! (I know). This is directly linked to my love of fall. My family will attest that if I could live in hoodies, i would. Apparently, they're not "professional", though.

3. I am (finally) buying Celia Rivenbark's new book (You Don't Sweat Much for a Fat Girl) today. If she doesn't make you laugh, you don't have a sense of humor. I highly recommend ALL of her work.

4. The farmer's market is overflowing with absolutely delicious apples (and apple cider). Now that I can actually walk outside without feeling gross, it's a great morning stop.

5. And, last, but most certainly not least, my family is (allegedly) planning a trip to Niagara Falls. I can't say I'm excited though because we can't seem to find a date we're all free that doesn't land us at the end of November so we'll see. I'll keep you posted.

What's your news on this lovely Monday?


Cristina said...

I LIKE it! Thanks for taking requests on your blog.

Anonymous said...

I like this:) But I also like your other posts. Don't stop writing! Can't wait for 66 degree weather!!