Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Dream Yet to Come

So, I was going through some of my old papers, looking for something and I came across a poem I wrote back around September 1999 when I was 16. It's nothing spectacular or note-worthy, but I thought I would share it here anyway.

"A Dream Yet to Come"
Questions unanswered,
Memories fading into a distant past,
A past that cannot be reborn.

A yesterday,
That seems never to have existed,
Even though only a few short years have gone by.

A longing stronger than oneself,
To have the impossible,
To go back...
To return to a time and place that no longer exist.

Pain and sorrow are now daily companions,
And the heart sheds the tears,
That the eyes have long ago wasted.

And yet...there is hope,
A dream for tomorrow,
Full of the memories of yesterday.

For the reunion is yet to come,
And the most important of all,
Will never be forgotten.

For death...
Is not dying,
But being reborn,
And going home,
To the dream that has finally come.

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