Thursday, May 6, 2010


OK, it's May. I am excited. Why? Several reasons.

1. May means Spring. I love Spring.

2. It's my birthday month!! I can't get into how I am going to be 27 in exactly a week. (Most of the time I still feel like I have the maturity of a 17 year old!) But I love birthdays. And what's a better birthday to honor than your very own!?!?!?!

3. May also holds loads of other awesome birthdays. Christi (May 12), Ylaria (May 14), Lisa (May 24) and Belen (May 29) to name but a few.

4. I am going to Shenandoah on my birthday weekend to spend a few days in the National Park with my awesome, amazing, wonderful friend C. We'll hike, horseback ride, eat cookies, read books and have a generally amazing time.

5. I am participating in a Mother's Day Run on Mother's Day with my mom and sisters to raise funds for babies in medical emergencies. A great cause, good workout and special time with my favorite girls.

That's all for now. More later. I promise! I hope you are doing well and enjoying the sunshine. The sky has been beautiful lately. Don't forget to stop and watch the clouds go by.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE blue skies!!! Amazing blue with bright white clouds... in funny shapes.

I love May too...I love you!!!

Anonymous said...

May should be awesome and I hope you enjoy it:) I like your birthday too! Love you lots:)