Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Verbing: In love with the sky. In honor of Erin.

I was inspired today. By Vickie's latest post.

So often I forget to just do things. To verb. To be in the moment, the movement, the action. To just be.

So, today, in honor of Erin, and for myself, I verbed. I got off the bus stop early and took a nice walk through my neighborhood. I noticed the trees and the budding flowers. I smelled Spring in the breeze and the scent of the warm air from this unusually hot day. I looked up at the clouds and appreciated their beauty.

I remembered that I love the sky.

I forget to remember just how much I love the sky sometimes. But I do. I love how blue it is, and how the clouds streak through it, and how the birds soar in circles and spirals to everywhere and nowhere in it. I've loved the sky for a long time now. Since Manny left. It's where I look to feel closer to him, to speak to him, to remember him. Manny flew away to the sky one day. I've looked for him there ever since. Seeing the sky everywhere helps me to remember he's everywhere too.

The sky is big and vast and beautiful and endless. Love is big and vast and beautiful and endless. And, if Manny is somewhere in that big, vast, beautiful, endless sky, I imagine he can feel my big, vast, beautiful, endless love. And, in those moments, he's not so far away. Love makes the distance shorter.

Thank you, Erin (and Vickie), for helping me to remember I love the sky. Because, I'd forgotten. My brother is up there. Give him a big bear hug for me, if you see him. He'll show you the ropes. He always was an amazing brother; I know you'll be great friends. And until we meet again, I'll keep looking for you in the sky and remembering to fill it with love.

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Vickie said...

I just stepped outside to look for Manny in the enormous Texas night sky. I'll find him again tomorrow in the equally enormous Texas day sky.

Thank you.