Tuesday, April 21, 2009

waking up thinking it's friday.

This is going to be a short post. This is going to be a loooong week so I need to get some sleep.

Work is getting a little intense. Working 9am-7pm is quickly getting old. And it's only been two days. *Sigh*. This may be the reason I woke up today and thought it was Friday. For a second. And then, crap(!) it's TUESDAY.

Tomorrow is our Benefit.

A HUGE, BIG, ENORMOUS deal. For those who don't know, I work for the GO Project, a small non-profit in lower Manhattan that provides academic and social services to underprivileged children in public elementary schools in the area. What do I do, you ask? I'm the Program Associate. Which tells you nothing really. I translate our Spanish-speaking families (which I love), maintain our database (which has been a headache lately), call every family that is absent on a programming day (fun!), maintain our attendance and retention records (more fun!), train/manage/recruit volunteers (it's been a learning experience), and help run our weekday tutoring program (another great learning experience). I love my job and I love the people I work with. I'm incredibly lucky and I know this. As I was saying tomorrow is our Benefit and I'll be lucky if I get home at 1am.

Friday, is the fundraiser for Ylaria. Yay! I am hoping for a great turn out. Friday will be another busy day. I'll be running from work to NJ for the event and hanging out until 11pmish. My sisters and cousins will be there so I am looking forward to some family time.

I will then run home for a few hours of sleep before getting up at 6am on Saturday. 6AM. SATURDAY. Why, you ask? I'm working this Saturday. I'll be there at 8am. (We run a tutoring program on Saturdays during the school year) and I am putting together a thank you breakfast for our volunteers. But the breakfast means I get to run around Union Square buying bagels and coffee on a Saturday. At 8am. Did I mention the commute to work from home is 1.5 hours? If I thought waking up at 5:30am this past Saturday was bad, another Saturday of the same is going to hurt. Badly. After work, I have to find whatever energy I have left for bridal shopping with my cousin and bowling with my family later in the evening.

Sunday, I am considering sleeping until I need to get up for another cousin's Sweet Sixteen party.

Don't get me wrong, I actually think all of these things are fun. Really. I just wish they didn't all have to land on the same week. I'm exhausted. And, it's TUESDAY.

Um. Yeah. I'll be living on coffee for the next few days. Someone's gotta get this economy going. I'll be doing my part at the local Starbucks.

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