Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Love, Faith & Hope


Easter is about LOVE. It's about FAITH. It's about HOPE.

I had a wonderful Easter. Really, really wonderful. I started my day off going to Mass with my mom and sisters. We went to the early bird Mass (7:30am). It was a good way to start off the day, even if the singing left a little to be desired. There really is no other day like Easter, when I reminded that my faith gives me the greatest hope. It's comforting to know my angels still surround me. Even if I can't see them.

After Mass, we went home and Sara and I finished up preparing the desserts and cleaning the house while my mom started the many meats (pork loin, spiral ham and lamb) and sea foods (mussels, octopus, and shrimp) we were going to be gorging on in a few hours.

I love my family. They're really pretty awesome. And, there really is no better way to spend a holiday than with them-- eating, drinking and being generally insane. Even if that means I have to go to work with a hangover and little sleep the next day.

This Easter was a good one for all of its love, faith & hope.

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