Saturday, May 16, 2009

Christmas in May?

So, after this week's Grey's, I came home today and decided to re-watch some old episodes. And, then, I remembered my favorite scene ever from the show. (It starts in the video at 3:05). 

I love it. I can't explain why but every time I  hear that song (It Came Upon a Midnight Clear by Sixpence None the Richer) and see those Christmas lights, my heart feels something that I simply can't put into words. It, literally, brings tears to my eyes. The first, and second, and thirtieth time I saw this scene, I found myself crying. Happy and sad all at the same time. Christmas lights have always reminded me of Manny. And, tonight, as I was lounging about, being lazy, youtube-ing old Grey's Anatomy scenes, I came across this one, and I remembered just how much I miss him.

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