Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My five things for today!

So I have to keep this short tonight because, despite my best intentions, I have not gotten nearly as much (or anything, cough, cough) done as I would have liked. Today I needed to share my five things, though, so here they are!

1. It's my birthday!! (I love birthdays!)

2. I took an "Erin" walk today. I swung on the swings and looked at the sky and appreciated the trees. It was beautiful.

3. My coworkers, friends and family are awesome. They always make me feel loved. THANK YOU for making my day so amazing!

4. This happened yesterday, BUT I got the most amazing gift ever from Ylaria and her family. It brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. I promise to share it soon!

5. I woke up! I woke up to another year, another day, another moment. Today was a good reminder that I still have time to do all of those things I want to do, to work on those New Years resolutions and other goals. I am very lucky for my 26th year. Not everyone gets here. I'll appreciate every minute of it.

Loads of love

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