Sunday, May 10, 2009

Real News

One morning she decided to throw away the paper & listen to the real news & by the end of the day, she knew that while people were sometimes confused, the rest of the world was not & she slept that night for the first time since she was a young girl.

I got this "story" from Storypeople today. Which got me to thinking. What is real news? 

What is my real news? 

Right now, I'd have to say it's that I've had an amazing weekend. I've spent my time with friends & family. Eating, drinking, laughing and celebrating. Friday, I met up with Dartmouth friends for dinner and drinks. We hadn't been able to get together in nearly a year; it was nice to see everyone again. Yesterday, my friend, Lisa, got married. It was a beautiful celebration and I am so glad that I was able to be a part of it. I've known Lisa since kindergarten and she's always been an amazing friend to me. Growing up with a disability can be hard. And kids are not always nice about "different" people, but Lisa always made sure I was included. She was always there to make me feel welcome and loved. When my brother died, she was the first person I called. It's the truest test of a friend. When you're in your darkest places, you search for light. Lisa has always helped me find mine.

I loved seeing my friends Jennifer and Andy at the wedding too. Jen, Andy and I have been friends since middle school and we've always had great fun together. From volunteer events, to movie outings, to malls, museums, libraries and cooking together, we've managed to make many memories. I am blessed to have them in my life. 

Today, I am doing more of the same with my family. It's Mother's Day and I'm spending the day with my sisters and mom. 

Three days of friendship, laughs and love. That's all the news I need. What's your?

And, as I enjoy this light, I am sending some love, light and comfort to Angela, Vickie and all of the other moms who have angels in Heaven today. I love you & I'm sending many hugs your way.

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