Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Photo Project Day #11

Day #11: A picture of something you hate.

I hate cancer. Childhood cancer specifically.

I hate it for Manny and for Ylaria and for Christi and for Kayla and for Erin and for Sydney and for Liam K. and for Samantha and for Whitney and for Mary and for Liam W. and for Morgan and for Jensen and for so many, many more. I hate childhood cancer for the hearts it has broken (and will continue to break), for the empty seats it has left at the dinner table (and will continue to leave), and for the families it has robbed of sons and daughters, brothers and sisters (and will continue to rob).

I hate how cancer makes children wise, and brave, and thoughtful, and generous beyond their years. And how it makes things "normal" that should never, ever be normal-- radiation, chemo, hospitals, needles. Children should not have to wish to go to school or to have hair or to feel well enough to run outside. It's simply not acceptable that 46 children are diagnosed every day and that 11 die-- every single day. It's just not acceptable.

I absolutely hate childhood cancer.

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