Thursday, February 3, 2011

Photo Project Day #5

Day #5: A picture of your favorite memory.

If I had to pick my most favorite day ever, it would have to be this one-- Christmas Eve 1994. It was my brother's last Christmas with us. On his request, we decorated like crazy. You could see our house from about a block away it had so many lights on it. We picked the very best (and possibly biggest) tree in the lot-- everything had to be just right.

I don't remember everything exactly but I remember moments. And, I remember feelings. The house was full of family we loved. As always, we ate way too much and we laughed even more. My sisters, brother, cousins and I played up in the attic for hours-- possibly our standard "house" before running down at midnight to open the gifts. Dorita cut the turron and made jokes as she always did. We sang "Happy Birthday" to Abuelo at midnight. (I always thought it was so cool that my grandfather was born on Christmas Day.)

This memory is the reason why Christmas reminds me so much of Manny; he just loved it. And that last Christmas with him was so very special, even if we didn't know it then. It's the reason why Christmas lights (especially the colored kind) make me cry at least once each year. For these reasons and for all the others I could never put into words, December 24, 1994 is my most favorite memory.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this! awesome day:)

Cristina Santos said...

I like it!