Thursday, February 17, 2011

Photo Project Day #19

Day #19: A picture and a letter. (I wrote this letter a few weeks ago, but it'll work for today's theme, I think.)

Dear Ylaria,

I was thinking about you a lot last night. Well, to be honest, I think about you all of the time, most especially at night when I'm trying to fall asleep. It's so quiet at night that it's easier to hear my hear
t. I think this must be why. Because you live in my heart and I can hear you when I'm still and quiet and waiting for the dreams to come.

I was missing you so much. I talked to your mom and it helped. A lot. Your mom is awesome like that, but you know that-- you had to learn your magic from someone, after all.

That's when it happened. When I heard you. Really heard you. It's when I realized that it was ok to be sad and to miss you and to cry. It's ok to have my feelings as long as I use those feelings to live my life like you would want me to. I can't just be sad. How can I share you with the world if all I am is sad?

You were-- you are--my sunshine. My life needs to be full of sunshine so that when people meet me they see joy, and when they see joy, they see you. And when they ask why I use Dora band aids or why I wear pink with yellow or why I see the rainbow in the clouds, I can tell them that my little best friend taught me about sunshine. You were a great teacher. (And we both know you were smarter than me-- duh.)

So, thank you. I promise to keep my heart open to more of your messages.

I love you,

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