Monday, February 7, 2011

Photo Project Day #9

Day # 9: A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.

I have the best mom. In. The World.


My mom is one of my best friends. She's always been there for me. When I was little (and by little, I mean younger), she would put sweet notes in my lunch box. I still have them. When I would call her from Dartmouth crying hysterically because I was convinced I was going to fail all of my finals, she would remind me to breathe and that I was too much of a nerd to fail. When I was feeling homesick in New Hampshire or Belfast she'd send care packages full of cute cards, sweets, pictures and other essentials. More recently, she took care of me at midnight when I was so sick I couldn't move. She helps me up when I fall and is my very best cheerleader at all of my Christi runs. She held me while I cried rivers of tears for Ylaria. She's always there for me.

My mom is also just plain fun. Brunches, Sunday tapas (with albarino, of course), move nights, shopping, summer trips to Spain; they're all better with her there-- and funnier too. I think I got my sense of humor from her side of the family tree.

And today, when I saw that the photo project was about the person who has gotten me through the most, I could think of only one response. My mom has gotten me through life. She's been there through the baby years when someone needed to take care of me constantly. She has helped me through my cerebral palsy and making me realize that even though I have a disability, it's nothing to hold me back. She was the first one to show me that I am just like everyone else and I can do anything I set my mind to. She was the first person to tell me that I was beautiful and smart and good. She's taught me to believe in myself and my worth. Few people are as blessed to have someone like that in their lives. I am so lucky.

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Sara said...

Beautiful. You couldn't have described her any better.